Have you seen the new app that casey (or “the lower cased one”, as OS likes to call him) wrote?  Remember the old wooden labyrinth game?  The one where you had to twist the knobs to tilt the deck so the little silver ball would roll through the maze without falling in the holes?

He wrote that for the TabletPC (in C# with managed Direct3D).  But it’s not just a game controlled by mouse or keyboard (although you can use the mouse).  The meat of the story is that the “board” is controlled by camera tracking, so if you have a camera connected to your Tablet, you can play the game by actually, physically tilting your Tablet.  Just like the real game…

I saw the app while it was in development, but haven’t seen the finished product yet.  Maybe sometime this week?  Or this weekend?

I think it’s pretty cool — he even got Scobleized.  If I had a TabletPC and a camera, I’d probably be playing it all the time.  I haven’t seen my “real” labyrinth game in several years, so I’ve had withdrawls, you know.

Maybe for version 2.0 he’ll add the ability to control it with some sort of knobs?

casey also presented on Tablet and speech technologies at our June WI .NET Users Group meeting.  He’s posted slides and code for those who are interested.  The code for the Labyrinth game will be available soon.