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Comments Have Been Restored

Well, after being down for about a week, comments are now re-enabled on my blog.

I posted to the CS Forums about this issue to try to get some help, but no one ever responded.  So I decided to ask someone I know that works for TelligentDan Bartels.  I sent Dan a short e-mail, pointing to my forum question, and he responded right away (within ~30 minutes).

He made a simple suggestion to temporarily switch to the default blog skin and see if comments would work.  The comments did work!  My problem stemmed from the fact that I was using a customized version of a skin that came in the 1.0x CS distribution.  Based on his suggestion, when I got home I poked around for about 10 minutes and got it working.  In case anyone else has a similar problem, here is my simple solution.

In the /Themes/Blogs/_Your_Theme_/Skin-EntryPostCommentContainer.ascx, add this line:

<Blog:EntryComments runat = “Server” ID =”comments” />

For example, my file now looks like this:

<%@ Control Language=”C#” %>
<%@ Register TagPrefix=”Blog” Namespace=”CommunityServer.Blogs.Controls” Assembly=”CommunityServer.Blogs” %>
<%@ Import Namespace=”CommunityServer.Components” %>

<Blog:EntryView runat = “Server” ID = “Entry” />
<Blog:EntryComments runat = “Server” ID =”comments” />
<Blog:CommentForm runat = “Server” ID =”form” />

You could also just copy this file from /Themes/Blogs/default/, but you would lose any other changes you may have done to the file.

Thanks for the tip, Dan!!


Comments Are Temporarily Down


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