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Month: June 2005

My iPod

I love my iPod.  It’s an amazing thing.  What I don’t love is having to run the system restore on my iPod every 5 weeks or so.  I don’t understand why it happens or if I’m even doing anything to cause it, but periodically when I go to sync it, I get a message that some file is corrupt.  (I’m sure a Google search would clear things up, but that’s too easy.)

So I try to run the latest iPod Update from Apple.  There are two problems with this, though:

  • You can’t run the update if the iPod already has that version of software (what if I just want to fix something???).
  • Because of that, I have to completely erase the iPod by restoring it to factory settings, plug it into a wall outlet to “reset” itself, then copy my 2000+/- songs back to it.

What a pain!

I suppose it could be worse — I could carry 160+ cassette tapes around with me.

VMWare, Virtual PC and TechEd

So, I wanted to install VS 2005 Beta 2 so that I can play with it before (and at) Tech·Ed.  Well rather than install it rught my laptop (in case of any potential conflict or crash or whatever) I decided to install it in a virtual machine.  On my work laptop I installed VMWare Workstation and on my own laptop I installed Microsoft Virtual PC.

Both were incredibly slow.  I mean painful.  Granted each machine has only 512MB of RAM, but I can’t believe how slow it was.  S.  L.  O.  W.

Fortunately (in a sick sense), I had a problem with my work laptop and it will need to be re-imaged.  So I removed VMWare and installed Beta 2 right on the base OS. 

I got it all (VS, SQL, MSDN, Visio, VSS, etc.) installed just before I left the office today.  I’m hoping to get in a couple hours of “play time” before the sessions start.  If anyone else is using Beta 2 already, I’d appreciate any tips or warnings you might have.

Also, if you’re going to Tech·Ed, let me know.  I’m staying at Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa.

4 Days Until TechEd

So I’m flying out to Tech·Ed on Sunday.  Once I finalize my schedule, I’ll post it here (in case anyone cares).

I found something interesting on Scott Hanselman’s blog, though.  They are going to have condensed, 10-minute GrokTalk sessions covering a lot of topics in a short amount of time.  Now I just have to see if there are any sessions I can skip.

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