I love my iPod.  It’s an amazing thing.  What I don’t love is having to run the system restore on my iPod every 5 weeks or so.  I don’t understand why it happens or if I’m even doing anything to cause it, but periodically when I go to sync it, I get a message that some file is corrupt.  (I’m sure a Google search would clear things up, but that’s too easy.)

So I try to run the latest iPod Update from Apple.  There are two problems with this, though:

  • You can’t run the update if the iPod already has that version of software (what if I just want to fix something???).
  • Because of that, I have to completely erase the iPod by restoring it to factory settings, plug it into a wall outlet to “reset” itself, then copy my 2000+/- songs back to it.

What a pain!

I suppose it could be worse — I could carry 160+ cassette tapes around with me.