Wow.  So a lot of stuff has happened since last night.

For starters, when I was checking my blogs this morning, I saw that Scott Isaacs from Microsoft (a different Scott Isaacs) has mentioned me in his blog.  I’m honored.  (I wonder what the odds of him being at Tech·Ed are?)  Apparently he does some of the same geeky things that I do: Googling yourself.  I would say “MSNing yourself” but it doesn’t have the same ring to it.  It’s funny that, while he outranks me in the Google results, I rank higher than him in the MSN results — and he works for MSN!  🙂

Anyway, thanks, Scott.  I appreciate the link!

So, back to Tech·Ed…

I was told that Gerry and I needed to find the “developer party” and make sure we went to it.  Ummm, OK.  We had a couple leads of who to ask, but no one seemed to know what we were talking about.  I ran into Jason Beres yesterday and was asking him about it and other things.  He didn’t have any idea either (so he said).  So, we had pretty much given up on that.

Later in the day, someone mentioned to us that there was some midwest region “something or other” happening that night and we should go.  We just needed to find the organizer to let him know.  Well, we couldn’t really find him either.  As it turns out, though, we happened to bump into him right before the bus left to take the group over there, and he told us to come along.

We ended up going to some Nascar thing at Universal City Walk.  They had a buffet, drinks and all of the arcade games were open and unlimited.  It was pretty sweet.

So anyway, as we’re in the bus on the way over there, I happened to notice that Rob Howard was on the bus.  So was James Avery.  As it turns out the event was actually a Central region event, not just the Midwest.

I thought that was pretty cool.  When we got to the Nascar place, we grabbed some food and ended up sitting at the same table as Rob Howard.  I know he’s just a person, but I thought it was nice to be able to hang out with him and the others.  I didn’t know until last night that Rob drives a Porsche and it costs him a few hundred bucks everytime he wants to change the oil.  Poor guy.

Well, after the food I started walking around and meeting some of the other people and I started to notice some of the other people that were there.  I saw Betsy Akoi, Angela Baxley (who works with Scott Guthrie at MS), Doug Seven (of dotnetjunkies), Jeff Julian, and others.  By this time I was realizing that this wasn’t just a midwest, or even a central region party.  This was a little bigger than that.

I also saw Jason Beres there.

Actually he saw me first.  He came up to me and, with a big smile on his face, said, “I see you made it.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t realize I was making it until I got here.”

Then he smiled again and said, “Oh, yeah, you made it.”

I wasn’t sure to be pissed that he didn’t just tell me when I asked him earlier, or if I should feel honored that I ended up there in the first place.

I decided to go with the honored feeling.

So after lots of food, soda, water, video games, talking with Betsy Akoi about GDN Workspaces, talking with Angela Baxley about Visual Web Developer and about the low number of females in technology, Rob Howard about his Porsche and the time the fire alarms went off at his apartment (he ran out of the building with a computers under each arm — a true geek), and a host of other user group leaders, we finally caught the last bus back.  We ended up getting to bed about 1 or 1:30.

But it was definitely worth it.