So, like any good geek, I have a USB flash drive.  I have the 512MB Cruzer Micro by SanDisk.  I love it because it is so small, even compared to most other USB drives I’ve seen.  I use it regularly, but not everyday — I typically use it 1-2 times per week.

Well, today, I forgot it at home.  Ok, so I didn’t actually forget it — it fell out of my pocket while relaxing in my chair in the living room last night.  Of all days to not have it, today I have actually reached for it at least 3 times, only to remember that it’s not there.  Apparently, I am actually lost without it.


I was really worried about it at first, because I didn’t know where it was.  Fortunately my wife went home for lunch and found it deep inside the cushions of the chair.  (Thanks, Kelly.)