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Bar-B-Geek… Geek-A-Que… Whatever…

So, I’m thinking about having a grill-out for my local geek friends and acquaintances one day this summer.  I’m not sure what to call it, though.  Here are a few of my thoughts:

  • Bar-B-Geek
  • Geek-A-Que
  • Bar-B-Geek-A-Que
  • Q#

Maybe I could do it in conjunction with the Milwaukee Nerd Dinner?  Or maybe not?  I haven’t really thought that much about it other than getting preliminary approval from Kelly (my wife).  🙂

How do you want your burger done?  (It doesn’t really matter how you answer.  If I’m grilling, it will probably be medium-well.)


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  1. I’d be up to make a nerd dinner a nerd-B-Que for a day this summer. let me know what Kelly says

  2. Actually… isn’t this a “nerd wife” dinner, bring your nerd? *wink wink Kelly!*

    Sounds like fun!

    We’ll bring rum and salad… if Jeanne wants anything to do with it… otherwise, just rum!

  3. I’ll bring the beer! 😉

  4. Awesome idea! I’ll take my burger well done. After we talked about this at the UG meeting tonight, I thought I liked the BBQ.NET name best, but now seeing it on the screen – I tend to agree with you that Q# is looking good. Regardless of what you call it, it sounds like an awesome time.

    Keep us updated!

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