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TechEd 2005

It looks like I’m going to Tech·Ed this year!  I found out a few weeks ago that it was a possibility.  I just found out yesterday that my corporate credit card limit is being increased so that I can register myself and my boss, reserve hotel, flights, etc.  I’m pretty excited about going.  I haven’t decided what sessions to attend yet, but will probably attend a combination of web development and architecture tracks.

I’ve never been before.  I imagine it will be a complete information overload, though.  Does anyone have any tips?  I imagine I’ll be referring to the conference DVDs regularly for a while after the fact.

Is anyone else going this year?  From the Milwaukee area, the only person that I know of (so far) that’s going, is Damon.  If anyone else is going, especially from the WI .NET Users Group, let me know!


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  1. I’ve got what it takes to go, just trying to get the girls to come down too for at least a few days of it… keep me out of trouble. 🙂

  2. Kelly is planning to come at the end of the week — either Wednesday or Thursday. I believe Jeff’s wife and daughter will be there too, but I’m not sure what days.

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