Well, I have officially joined the “INETA Academic Committee Student Committee” (quite a mouthful).  I participated in my first conference call tonight, and it looks like I might be assisting in the development of a new site for the Student Committee.  I’m still learning about the role of these committees.  I even had to have a cheat sheet of various acronyms and definitions e-mailed to me in order to make sense of what was happening in the meeting.

I’m actually kind of excited about this.  When Brian Tinkler first asked me about getting involved with INETA a year or two ago, I was hesitant.  Since I am already involved in the local .NET community as the vice president of the WI .NET Users Group, I didn’t think I would have enough time.  Plus I didn’t think I could bring anything substantial to the table.

Well, the time availability hasn’t changed much (actually, I’m busier now than ever), but I’m excited to be involved anyway!